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Thread: who will be the better RB: Greene or Donald Brown ?

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    who will be the better RB: Greene or Donald Brown ?

    make your prediction

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    Brown won't play as much because Addai is there.

    Greene may not play if TJ steps up.

    Two totally different backs.

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    Donald Brown. But Greene will be a good player.

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    Shonn Greene

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    Greene only because hes more physical and his opportunity is coming sooner than Browns

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    The only RBs I though were better prospects were Moreno and Wells.

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    [QUOTE=vin777b;3103818]make your prediction[/QUOTE]

    without a doubt.shone green

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    Donald Brown. I think Brown is going to be a pro bowl RB one day. Kid as talent to go along with a great head on his shoulders, and hes going into Indianapolis.

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    Brown is more balanced.....Greene is more of a bruiser for a RBBC.

    I prefer Brown, but Brown went 35-some picks before Greene did.


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