was I wrong..the jets sure did go get their QB.....I was against it initially but ya know what, a day later and IDK how you can be mad...the Jets potentially got a franchise can suck obviously..but right now IDK how u can be mad....we just upgraded our biggest position....yes we don't have depth and yes our WR depth is scary but the jets have Mark Sanchez....time will tell if it was worth it but come are u complaining....Sanchez should get you excited enough and the Jet's 2010 draft is intact.

I'm sure the jets will try to swing a deal for edwards or boldin or sign a WR...chill..the biggest piece is out of the way.

Inexperience or not the jets are better @ QB today than they were friday. The jets filled allot of holes in free agency, they didnt need 5-6 players.

Harris & Revis turned out to be pretty damn good -- jets got the QB people have been clamoring over since 05...its a good day for the jets...if their D is 1/2 as good as it can be...sanchez will flourish right away.