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Thread: Sanchez talking to Sal Pal on ESPN

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    Sanchez talking to Sal Pal on ESPN

    Sal Pal asked Sanchez about only having 16 starts in college and if hes really prepared for the NFL. He responded, Absolutely they're all meaningful starts against the best competition in a pro style offense.

    He talks with confidence hopefully he can back it up

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    The best preparation Sanchez could have is going up against that USC Defense every day in practice....just my opinion though.

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    When compared tothe looks of "Vince" from the show "Entourage" Sal Palantonio asked him if he was worried that New Yorkers will see him walking down the street and yell "Vince," Sanchez replied " No, New Yorkers will be yelling at "Vince" thinking he's ME"................LOVE THE CONFIDENCE!!!!!!

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    PAC-10 competition is real tough...


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