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Thread: the jets picked two future all-pros

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    the jets picked two future all-pros

    what is more important then the q.b and r.b positions for an offense in football.the jets already have their offensive line in place.these two players [sanchez and greene]will be future all-pros in this league.lets hope that in the sixth round the jets draft a t.e. who can block or an o.g of which there are many to choose from.if joe flacco can start in his first year.then for sure sanchez can do better.I love the picks for the jets

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    I don't think Greene will be an All-Pro caliber player, but I do think he will be a very good NFL RB.

    Think Marshawn Lynch type power, but he doesn't have as much speed.

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    he's a power runner...Jets want a power running game..good pick.

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    They're all All-Pros on draft weekend. ;)

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    [QUOTE=bman;3104333]he's a power runner...Jets want a power running game..good pick.[/QUOTE]

    the jets worked him out and his forty speed was a lot better then the combine showed.

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    Lets relax before we start labeling guys "franchise QB's" and "All-Pro's." Its so frustrating when fans jump the gun before they play a down in the NFL.. Anyway, I am never concerned with speed and 40times. Football speed and sprinting are completely different. When pads are on, etc. I like what I see from Greene, but I highly doubt he is going to be an "all pro"


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