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Thread: Rashad Jennings Still Available/Jets OTC.

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    Rashad Jennings Still Available/Jets OTC.

    Jennings still available, wow. If we didn't have Greene, I'd be all over him.

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    this hurts to hear. Coulda had him and snaked Defense the in the 3rd and 4th

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    Yeah, I was tweeting with him before. :D But he dropped like a brick. To bad we don't have room for him.

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    Wow. And he's still there? I wonder what the backstory to this is?

    Something most be confedentially known.

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    Still on the board.
    EVERY year there's always one guy you can't figure out why he's still there.

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    Hell I would sign him as UFA..Im suprised hes still there

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    Jags take him.


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