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Thread: Woody Johnson and Mark Sanchez on Twitter

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    Woody Johnson and Mark Sanchez on Twitter

    For those interested that makes

    [URL=""][/URL] Mark

    [URL=""][/URL] Woody

    [URL=""][/URL] Kerry

    [URL=""][/URL] Mangold

    [URL=""][/URL] Jay Feely

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    lol it seems sanchez has a fetish for hamburgers...

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    LOL @ pauliec tweeting with Kerry Rhodes! He loves ya, man!

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    You forgot Clowney..



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    Um...Kerry Rhodes doesn't think that guy "Mark" is Mark Sanchez does he? Looks like some random dude named Mark and he is congratulating him.

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    The funniest comment to me was this one by Jay Feely, he had this to say.

    "Call of the day, Hutchinson of ledger said Jets chances of getting Sanchez were remote at best"

    LOL!!! I hate Hutchinson, hes the worst beat writer EVER.


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