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Thread: Half the league is undrafted free agents

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    Half the league is undrafted free agents

    I am so disappointed in some of my Jet Brothers. Sanchez may turn out to be David Carr or Joey Harrington but NO TEAM other than the Ravens in 2000 have done well without a QB. Even if he is only Ken O Brien, we are in good shape. We have a good O line, decent D line, decent LB's for what ???? If we don't score what's the point. If our QB can't keep our D off the field then what?

    Remember Jan 2005 against Pittsburgh. A VERY SOLID team with a hurt QB and we scored NO offensive TD's. Is that what you want?

    Half the league is undrafted free agents, we can fill the team holes easier in all positions except QB. I was ready to give Clemens a shot but Brady, Big Ben, Cassel etc... and many others proved themselves in MUCH less opportunity than KC.

    I am 100 percent behind this move, if it fails, well so did Favre but we must address the future. If we had a QB 75 percent as good as Brady we could focus on the remainder of the team. That is one reason (amongst a few) why NE has more picks.... they don't concern themselves with the QB spot as much.

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    There are tons of players in the league today that are very good to great that were not drafted. Bart Scott was never drafted. Neither was Kurt Warner or Tony Romo. I'm sure there are tons of others too. I know Herm never was, and he was a pretty good DB.

    I'm not worried at all.


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