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Thread: Stick a fork in Kellen...

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    Stick a fork in Kellen...

    poor guy he's a quality guy and a feisty player, but the FO thinks very little of him. I have no doubt KC will be a good team mate and will not make waves, but his days as an aspiring starting QB are over with the Jets. Tragic days for the Clemenites

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    Not true. All he has to do is beat out Sanchez in training camp and he will be the starter. Then all he has to do is play well enough to hold onto the job. Drew Brees did it.

    Don't get me wrong, it's likely that Sanchez is the opening day starter, but I think it's absolutely within Clemens' control.

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    probably would be in our advantage if clemens played really well in the preseason.. we could drum up some interest for him and trade him to a team where he could get a shot to start and we could get some picks for next year or somthing else of need. Very rarely is it a bad thing to have a surplus at a position because some one always has a deficiency.

    I like clemens and you def gotta feel for the dude.. front offense just tugs his strings constantly but whatever its a buisness in the long run and he'll get a chance to compete for the job here. smartest thing for him to do is play his balls of and hope that he gets the start and if not that a team likes him enough to present an offer to the jets for him. overall not a terrible situation for him.


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