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Thread: Mangini following in the lineage of great Jets HC's

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    Mangini following in the lineage of great Jets HC's

    Herms departure got us a 4th n eventually Leon, Mangini being an idiot got us a steal to trade up and get the Sanchize:):yes:

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    I'm still shocked Mangini accepted that trade. Tannenbaum really bent him over

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    Mangini tried to get Elam as an RFA and the Jets matched his contract. Fast forward two months and our GM got some serious trade value out of our backup SS.

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    FWIW, Belichick got us a first rounder in 2000 which I believe eventually turned into Shaun Ellis. :)

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    I think Magini has a real appreciation of how hard is to trade down from the top 10, he got what he wanted and I believe that was to get away from having to pay the dollars it takes to sign #5.

    It was win win all around.

    I have always felt like the Jets would of loved to have moved back from the #6 last year, but nobody would give fair value, so they didn't. I think Mangini and Tannenbaum both learned from that.


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