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Thread: Thoughts on this Weekend

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    Thoughts on this Weekend

    Got home from the beer festival a little while ago. I've had a day to really sit and digest what the Jets accomplished.

    First off I was not a fan of trading up for Sanchez. A guy with only one year as a starter scares the hell out of me. If he had fallen to #17 I wouldn't have minded the pick, but I didn't want to move up for him and lose picks considering the holes we have on offense.

    However, if the FO really believes this kid is the real deal then I give them credit for having the balls to move up to #5 and get him. When you look at it we gave up our first and second rounder for him, not the worst thing. The players we gave up were basically scrubs. Ratliff hasn't done anything yet and Coleman is a JAG. Elam was a decent player but wasn't even expected to start this year. Tanny did a great job matching Cleveland's RFA offer to Elam, retaining a player he knew Mangini would want.

    In the end if Sanchez becomes a true franchise QB then Tanny pulled off a heist. If he doesn't then we gave up a lot but it's not a Dewayne Robertson type of disaster.

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    Watching the clip of Simm's Sanchez discussion, I am pretty close to overjoyed.


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