Since the draft is over, and we all know what we have for a team this coming year, I see two positions that need to be filled before we kick off this coming season. First and foremost is the wide receiver position. We have cotchery, who is a fine #2, however he doesn't have the speed to be a true #1. Rex seems to think highly of brad smith, although I don't see too much right now. Of course there are the wild cards, clowney and stucky, and then the rest of the backups.

Should we trade and get one of the big wr that are on the block, edwards, or boldin? or should we take a chance and pickup someone on free agency? matt jones, plax, etc...

Personally, I think we should trade for boldin if we can, however i am not sure what our cap is gonna look like after we sign dirty sanchez and greene.

second is DE, with the trade we lost coleman. Now I am not mad about that, i thought he was overpaid for what he was, but he was still an average DE. Now I have no clue who is gonna fill that spot. I know everyone on the board is gonna disagree with me on this, but I think we should get gholston to pickup some weight and put him on the line. other than that I don't really have an answer. Julius peppers is on the block, but I know we can't afford him.

Any thoughts or suggestions?