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Thread: Was Coles that good?

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    Was Coles that good?

    I guess the loss of Coles made us a one dimensional team to SOME..I realize we need a legit #1 but my God some here are making it sound like we dont have a guy on the roster that can catch the ball. I wish we could all relax a little and let the pieces fall in place.

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    I guess the thinking is just that even if Stuckey can start and do just as good as Coles did last year, is Stuckey (Coles) and Jerricho enough?

    Not if you ask me. Coles and Cotch are both very good #2's. Neither is a good #1. All teams would LOVE to have a definitive #1, especially when you are going to have a first year starter at QB (either Clemens starting his first full year or Sanchez starting as a rookie).

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    Coles or no Coles, we are still in desperate need of a legitimate #1 receiver. We need some one with size and that can get good seperation. During our collapse last year, It felt like we had zero seperation between our receivers and the defense.

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    Coles WAS our go-to-guy. He STILL IS a solid WR that the QB can depend on to make the tough catches. It was more out of respect for him, that he was granted his release. We NEED another WR to fill that role. A guy who can take on a #1 CB and WIN the battle. Cotchery appears to have that ability, but he's gonna need some help to draw coverage.

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    No but he is better than anything we have right now after Cotchery.


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