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Thread: A Slip By Peter King? Hmmmmmm.......

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    A Slip By Peter King? Hmmmmmm.......

    3. I think -- no, I know -- that it's no lock that Braylon Edwards open the season with Cleveland. The Browns want to see how he takes to the new regime, how hard he works in the offseason and how he fits into [B]Brian Schottenheimer's offense.[/B] No coincidence that the Browns took two receivers in the second round. If Edwards doesn't get on board, I doubt the Browns will make him a rich man when his contract is up after next year.


    I have had a funny feeling that the Jets and Browns are talking about a deal with Edwards that will include some future picks and players. Did Peter King slip?

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    Why wouldn't King just report that? You serioiusly think King knows that much?

    And please don't get Edwards... He sucks. The Cleveland fans boo him constantly. He lacks effort sometimes and has a ton of drops.

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    Brain fart is my guess.

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    [quote=Warfish;3105913]Brain fart is my guess.[/quote]

    Probably so. It was Cleveland with Mangini and he associates Shotty with Mangini.


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