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Thread: Mangini Has 47 Players At His Mini Camp

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    Mangini Has 47 Players At His Mini Camp

    Cleveland Browns have 47 players at rookie minicamp
    by Tony Grossi
    Friday May 01, 2009, 12:04 PM

    Plain Dealer Staff Report

    BEREA -- The Browns announced the signing of 14 undrafted free agents who will participate in coach Eric Mangini's inaugural rookie minicamp beginning today.

    Another 20 undrafted players are attending on a tryout basis.

    The players signed are:

    Linebacker Marcus Benard of Jackson State; defensive back Corey Boudreaux of San Diego State; offensive lineman Branndon Braxton of Oklahoma; receiver Brent Casteel of Utah; offensive lineman Marlon Davis of Alabama; linebacker Jonathan Foster of Central State; defensive lineman Adam Hoppel of Cincinnati; linebacker Phillip Hunt of Houston; tight end Mike Massey of Michigan and Brecksville; defensive back Nathrain Ness of Arizona; receiver Jordan Norwood of Penn State; defensive back Antonio Smith of Bowling Green; defensive back Jason Venson of Central Florida; and defensive back Bryan Williams of Akron.

    Quarterback Graham Harrell of Texas Tech heads the list of 20 players invited to try out for a future contract. Other notables include running back Andrew Johnson of Akron and defensive lineman David Patterson of Ohio State.

    These players will join the eight draft picks and five returning players from last year's roster at the minicamp. The returning first-year players are quarterback Richard Bartel, linebacker David Holloway, receiver Lance Leggett, defensive lineman Melila Purcell and offensive lineman Kurt Quarterman.

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    can we stop making mangini threads, unless it has to do with braylon edwards

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    yeah. i couldn't give two s**ts about him

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    Manginews! Can't get enough of it...

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    Look at me...Look at me......

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    yeah i dont care one bit. lemme know when mangini gives a press release about sending braylon our way

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    I hope Mangini does great out in Cleveland. If not for Mangini being in love with 3 JAGS, we would never have the Franchise QB that we have in Mark Sanchez.

    But on a more serious note, Mangini was part of drafting players such as Revis, Harris, Leon, Keller, Ferguson, Mangold, Stucky and Gholston and something tells me that he had a say in FA players such as Faneca, Jenkins, Thomas Jones, Tony Richardson and Calvin Pace.

    Mangini had a huge part of the future success of this Jets team and the future is looking bright so I will never consider Mangini a Herm Edwards type of head coach.

    I also love how Mangini took us away from being a 4-3 defense and traded players such as Robertson and Vilma and went with the 3-4 Defense because if not for the Jets running a 3-4 Defense, we would never have Rex Ryan and yeah, the Giants won a SB with the 4-3 but just look @ all the great 3-4 D's over the years... Steelers and Patriots and lets not forget the Ravens had some great D's.

    Any Defense can be great...But when COMPLETE, the 3-4 D's are the toughest of the tough for opposing O's.

    I hope Mangini goes on to have a great coaching career and I look foward to Mangini's Browns giving the Pats a run for their money. Something tells me BB and Mangini will still make for awkward handshakes @ the 50.

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    ban anyone who starts a mangini thread this year.
    it took 3 years for the Herm threads to stop, and thats probably only because he got canned. i could not stomach another 3 years of mangini threads.

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    How many? 47?



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