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Thread: Caption this...5-1-2009

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    [QUOTE=FF2;3114293]Listen, you 're ready to succeed here teasing. Last year, we had an old man. Before we had a man in the rubber which had a face like a twat and couldn 't win a big game if you gave it. Have sex with me often.[/QUOTE]

    Muy Bueno, GORDO gigante, usted tiene la abilidad a leer espanol. Y yo tambien. Pero, sexo conmigo????? WTF????

    SAR necessita a obtener un diccinario :yes:

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    Not to worry Mark. We've got a special play just for you like Namath had. It's a bootleg, and you'll be able hurl yourself on the nearest cheerleader when you get out of bounds!

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    [QUOTE=DefenseWinsChampionships2;3114054]Does 5-1 stand for todays date or what the Jets record will be this year after 6 games into the season? :yes:

    Week 1- @ Texans- [B]Win.[/B]

    Week 2- Vs Patriots-[B]Win.[/B] Brady is rusty, Jets are at home='s a Win.

    Week 3- Vs Titans-[B]Win.[/B]We killed them last year and now their Defense is WITHOUT Haynesworth.

    Week 4-@ New Orleans-[B]Loss[/B]...Cant win em all.

    Week 5- @ Miami- [B]Win[/B]. Pennington cant beat a Rex Ryan led Defense.

    Week 6- Vs Buffalo-[B]Win[/B]. Didn't we sweep them last year?



    You are just full of optimism aren't you?

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    [QUOTE=Broadway Joe;3114036][B][COLOR="Red"]Caption this...[/COLOR][/B]


    [B]Schott[/B]: Alright Rico Suave I know you're supposed to be the 2nd coming but here's all you need to do... See that flash of green and white that keeps burning DB's? That's David Clowney... Passo el ballo to Clowney and we win games... simple enough?

    [B]Sanchez[/B]: ...... si......

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    [QUOTE=Broadway Joe;3114036][B][COLOR="Red"]Caption this...[/COLOR][/B]


    C'Mon Sanchez, Are you a Mexi-can, or a Mexi-can't!


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