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Thread: The best QB in the 2009 draft will be Josh Freeman

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    [QUOTE=simijet;3114127]Just keep in mind that it's occasionally acceptable to take off your green sunglasses when making a point.[/QUOTE]

    DWC2's are welded to his face.

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    [QUOTE=FF2;3114502]DWC2's are welded to his face.[/QUOTE]

    Thats not true bro, just look @ the comments I said about Marcus Henry.

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    [QUOTE=dassin;3114122][B]Let me handle this one fellas...[/B]

    hey rook before I say anything, your argument shows a blatant lack of knowledge. You are entitled to your opinion like anyone else, but Mark Sanchez was targeted by this organization/new coaching staff to be the [U]future of the franchise[/U]. Rex Ryan in his opening press conference challenged the fan base to be more supportive and drop their negativity, I suggest you do the same because if the point of this post isn't to be proven wrong then I don't understand what you're getting at.

    I was a better fan of Freeman than arguably anyone on this board and right up until draft was anti-Sanchez, especially trading up for him. Thank God, I'm not the GM of the Jets because I was straight up wrong about what was best for this team. Freeman can go on to be another Dan Marino (which I doubt) but its about winning Super Bowls and I believe Sanchez gives a much better chance at winning the big one than Freeman. Why? First, every scout said that Freeman would take at least 2 - 3 years to develop. Sanchez is competing for the starting position as I type this and already bringing unity and leadership that we've lacked for decades upon decades. Do you really think that Freeman would've had a meeting to bring the offensive rookies together w/out the coaches asking him to? That sort of ambition is rare and is what you seem to overlook with measurable-heavy perspective...Peyton and Eli (two Super Bowl MVPs) were on 1050 ESPN earlier this week and both believed, especially Peyton, that the best way to get better is to start playing immediately. Sanchez has brought new life and excitement to this franchise, plus has expanded the fanbase to the entire hispanic community who was lacking idols in the NFL.

    In retrospect, I don't think Freeman would have done well in this city. [B]Any NYC QB prospect's first test is with the media and Sanchez has aced that with flying colors. From calling Kellen to displaying a strong sense of family to going on the circuit to saying "all the right things" to staying humble throughout the whole rollercoaster so far. On the other hand, in the small market of Tampa Bay - the big news from Josh Freeman has only been one unnecessary comment about how he's the best of the 2009 QB class and the others are basically scrubs. That's shows a lack of respect and character IMO.

    For more specifics on the Sanchez as a prospect, I think you should watch what Phil Simms (another SB MVP) has to say about the guy...he sees it quite differently than you do.[/QUOTE][/B]

    Great post, well, said. I know it's early, but Sanchez is backing up the leadership qualities he exhibited during the draft and prior. He really seems suited for NY and is humble and appreciative while maintaining his confidence and enthusiasm for the game.

    Looking forward to seeing him back it up on the field. If he does, he will own the city.


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