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Thread: REx Ryan Presser At 12:30

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    REx Ryan Presser At 12:30

    Just A Reminder

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    please remind us where this will be shown.

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    [QUOTE=Dirtstar;3114960]please remind us where this will be shown.[/QUOTE]

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    thank you, Ben.

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    [QUOTE=Dirtstar;3114967]thank you, Ben.[/QUOTE]

    that ****er ben is in albany tonight


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    [QUOTE=readyforthedraft;3114971]that ****er ben is in albany tonight


    what? :confused:

    i thought you were Ben, jetsrule's BFF and lover?? :huh:

    what happened, did you guys break up??? :(

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    at least we don't have this anymore

    (On Brian Robiskie running a lap during practice) - "If you put the ball on the ground, you run. If you get a penalty, you run. There's nothing more valuable than the football. Just looking at turnover, how giveaway-takeaway affects games every single year, it's amazing. It's dramatic how much one turnover or plus-one or minus-one can affect a game. There's nothing more important than the ball and penalties are concentration errors. If you can't concentrate long enough to get
    the snap count, then we need to give you some time to concentrate on that."
    (On if officials will be at every practice) - "We will have them at every practice, maybe at walk through we wouldn't have them at, but any other practice we will have officials there. We will track penalties every day in practice we will track them from OTAs to training to every single practice of the year -
    types of penalties, who got the penalties, trends in penalties. We will try to do the best we can to keep educating them to the league office. We had a guy in New York who was one of the finalists for one of the official positions in the NFL. It's sort of our developmental program. Hopefully one of our guys will go to the NFL at some point."

    (On if having officials at practice help decrease then in-game in New York) - "I like to think that it worked for us. The main things it does it raise consciousness and it keeps track of something that can be very easy to overlook. Where a guy gets a penalty one day maybe it's two days later he doesn't get one, but he gets one two days later, and you start stringing those weeks together and usually that's the same guy that gets the penalty in the game. They can kill you. One holding penalty on a long return, we had one against San Francisco last year where a holding penalty brought a touchdown back. It happens every year, a key play is brought back and they are completely under our control, it's just focus."

    (On if it was more of a streamlined approach putting together a staff this year than in 2006) - "Yes, it was really challenging in New York, going into a situation where every single person was new. There weren't any shared experiences where I can say to Brian Schottenheimer, Hey remember that time we did x,y and z and right away it triggers something, he knows what I'm talking about, he can put that in place, or Bob Sutton or Mike Westhoff, those were all new guys that I was working with. With Rob (Ryan), with Brian (Daboll) and with Brad (Seely), there are shared experiences. Brian, adds the value of being with me in New York, so there are a lot of organizational things that he can take care of before I have to address it in a staff meeting. Then you add Jerome Henderson, Bryan Cox, Andy Dickerson, Rick Lyle and having those reps together is important and it does help move things along a lot more quickly."

    (On if it's unwielding to a point about having a new staff) - "It is, because it's the first time I've ever spoken in the team room. It's the first time Brad (Seely) has ever presented there and inevitably the film doesn't work or the presentation doesn't work right or where each drill is going to be on the field, and all that stuff. It's nothing huge, but it's, you got to work through it and get through it, and it provides some good fodder for laughter later on."

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    I know it's still the honeymoon but I love Rex Ryan as our new coach. He is straight forward and respectfull but you can see he's no pushover. I like the way he needled Shonn Greene in a playfull way but got his point across that he needs to work on his pass catching. He reminds me of Parcells without the gruff edge.

    We'll see in the coming months but I think we finally have a great head coach.

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    readyforthedraft = $$$$ during all the minicamp/TC stuff :yes:


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