Once again this year I have created an NHL mock draft creator spreadsheet. (I've done NHL ones the past two years and have done NFL ones for about 5 years.) This one is pretty similar feature wise to the one last year.

Features of the 2009 NHL Mock Draft Creator Spreadsheet:

- Listing of over 450 draft eligible players ranked via various on-line mock drafts or player rankings. List includes, player name, position, team, height and weight along with Central Scouting ranking. This listing is searchable by position.

- Mock draft sheet listing all teams in the draft. The mock draft sheet will automatically be filled in as you rank players in the Player Data sheet.

- Your Teams Roster sheet which allows you to enter player and salary data for your favorite team and create mock rosters taking the salary cap into account.

- List of 2009 Free Agents.

- 2009 End of year regular season team statistics.

- List of trades for draft picks.

- Instructions on how to use the spreadsheet.

The draft order is obviously not finalized at this time but will be updated when it is.

This year I have put the spreadsheet up on a file sharing server which is much easier to work with rather than me emailing these things out. Link below:

http://www.4shared.com/file/10379099.../2009NHLMockDr aftCreator.html