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Thread: World Cup

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    i'll root for Costa Rica until they get eliminated, which is usually in the first round

    after that it's Brazil all the way

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShyGurl69 View Post
    LMAO!!! I'm a Brazil fan all the way, but I gotta support my home team though, although I don't see them going anywhere....... I can't wait for the cup though....
    Thats awesome my dad is brazilian so I am to. We went to the world cup in Germany. I see them going far in the Cup the definitely have potential Go Brazil

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    While I am a bit biased right now Spain is the odds on favorite to win the world cup. The fact they go over the "hump" bodes well for them. Not to mention our lineup is stacked with superstars all around. Casillas,Ramos,Cesc,Xavi,Iniesta,Torres. Not to mention young talent like Bojan and Pique.
    The 2nd favorite has to be Argentina as usual they are stacked.

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    portugal only if we dont choke again


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