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Thread: 2009 International Free Agents

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    10:25 AM: It’s been confirmed to me that the Yankees have signed Dominican catcher Gary Sanchez, although I still haven’t been able to get a concrete number on the bonus. Every estimate has been very close to $3.0 million and I was told today that was the correct number, give or take a bit. So it’s basically $3.0 million, Yankee fans. Also, I’m told the Yankees will be spending $4 million total this July 2nd, on three players, and I’m told the other two players are a shortstop and pitcher. The shortstop is widely believed to be Damian Arredondo, who should be getting a bonus in the $800-850,000 range (report on him in the today’s article) and some think the pitcher is Venezuelan righty Jose Osuna. Deductive math would say that, if it’s Osuna, he would get $150-200,000, which is about where I had his potential bonus pegged, anyway. I’ll keep digging on this one.
    - Baseball Prospectus

    Mets were one of the teams linked to Osuna as well, but if that's the numbers it shouldn't be terribly difficult to top if the Mets think he's worth it.

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    Appears that DR SS Damian Arredondo's bonus with the Yankees will be for 850k.

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    11:07 am: Three more signings to report, two for less money than expected and one for what i expected. The brewers have inked rf jose pena for $400,000, the yankees have signed rhp chris cabrera for $400,000, and it was confirmed that the yankees reached a deal with ss damian arredondo for $850,000. I’m told sanchez, arredondo and cabrera will be the only three signings by the yankees today, so jose osuna is now out of the picture. Two reactions to these pieces of news:

    1. Steal by the brewers. I had a chance to see pena in action and while some of the $1 million talk could have been misinformation or marketing by people trying to pump his value, pena is a very nice buy at this price for milwaukee.

    2. Turns out it wasn’t exactly $4 million the yankees were going to spend, but actually $4.25 (or so, with the sanchez bonus being a slight gray area). Cue yankee blogs discussing whether this was some sort of statement by the club about ynoa’s price last year and whether they’d take ynoa or the sanchez/arredondo/cabrera trio.
    - bp

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    Well there is a investigation being done on Miguel Sano's age, so he won't be signed today.

    Jorge Arangure- Everyone I talked to said there will not be an firm offer by anyone to Sano until the MLB investigation is done

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    Not surprise here. Good singing by the Cards.

    July 2 signing: Cardinals sign Wagner Mateo

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    July 2 signing: Yankees sign Dominican catcher Gary Sanchez for $3 million
    3 million, seems like a lot, I'd be interested to see what Mateo got.

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    Montero signed in 2006 for $1.6 million, hard to imagine Sanchez having a better stick than him, but they do say he has a better chance to stick at catcher.

    Here's some footage of Sanchez.

    Very strong arm.

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    I read Mateo got 3.1

    12:08 PM: Reports are that the Cardinals’ 10:30 Dominican press conference announced the signing of Dominican OF Wagner Mateo. I wasn’t there, but am told the official press release should be up soon. The bonus, confirmed by my sources before July 2nd to be $3.1 million, has not been confirmed by the Cardinals at this point.
    From BP

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    Cardinals- CF Wagner Mateo ($3,100,000)
    Yankees- C Gary Sanchez ($3,000,000)
    Royals- 3B Cheslor Cuthbert ($1,200,000)
    Mets- LHP Juan Urbina ($1,000,000+)
    Yankees- SS Damian Arredondo ($850,000)
    Cubs- C Wilson Contreras ($850,000)
    Yankees- RHP Chris Cabrera ($400,000)
    Brewers- RF Jose Pena ($400,000)
    Astros- SS Jonathon Mejia ($370,000)

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    12:58 PM: Got some clarification on Gary Sanchez’s contract. I had been told $2.8-3.0 million last week, others reported $2.5 million, some said just $3.0 million, then was told today “basically” $3.0 million. So what’s the deal? It is $3 million, but split into payments that change the present value, hence the $2.8 million low-end of the range I was told last week. I guess that bonus range is technically the most correct answer. There’s a $1.8 million payment after 45 days, then two $600,000 payments within the next 12 months. Seems the Yankees just got creative here to save a few bucks. Those are words I never thought I’d type

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    @MrMustSeeTV 2B Jairo Kelly is working out for #Tigers today, will work out for #Cardinals tomorrow. Decision tomorrow. #Mets involved.22 minutes ago

  12. #52 - #Mets no longer appear to be in the picture with Fuentes. Though they are in this picture:

    @kileymcd I can definitively say that Fuentes has NOT made a decision yet.
    Regarding Leonardo Fuentes - OF - Columbia, sounds like we're out on that one.

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    Sounds like things might be wrapping up....

    3:28 PM: This might be the last update of the day. Talked to some agents and clubs and it seems like all of this morning’s news was stuff that was done days or weeks ago and we’re now into a secondary market of sorts. Negotiations are just now heating up with this next group of players, but not much movement is expected today. The second and third tier players are now fielding offers from teams that are formulating their final answers after watching the elite guys line up and set the market. It’s a similar to how lots of draft picks in sports like football or basketball won’t sign until the guy ahead of them sets a ceiling they can negotiate under. It’s almost like there’s a second signing period that will open up in a day or two with teams currently getting their boards finalized and sending out offers while agents search for the best deal. Of course now that I’ve said that I’m sure 30 deals will get done in the next 5 minutes.
    - BP

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    Sounds like the Urbina deal is in the 1.2 million range

    While there has been no official announcement, the Mets are believed to have come to terms with 16-year-old Venezuelan lefthander Juan Urbina. He should receive a signing bonus in the $1.2 million range. Urbina's father Ugueth spent 11 seasons in the majors, going 44-49 with a 3.45 ERA in 583 appearances (21 starts). The elder Urbina is in jail in Venezuela, though there are hopes he'll be freed soon.
    Read more:

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    July 2 signing: Yankees sign Dominican shortstop Damian Arredondo. Plus-plus runner, 60 arm, 60 hands
    Here's a refrence for the number rating:

    50- MLB average
    55- above average
    60- plus
    70- plus-plus

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    Interesting verification news: All DR signees will have to take DNA tests to confirm parents/identity on the way out of the country.
    LOL... Cracking down!

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    Sounds like the Mets might actually be leading on Kelly, good news. One scouting report I read made him sound like an average across the board tools guy, switch hitter though.

    @watchdog2001 @WexlerRules no word on done deals, but ss jairo kely is thought to be headed to the mets after TEX got ss luis sardinasabout 18 hours ago from web in reply to watchdog2001

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    #Mets definitely finalists for Jairo Kelly but haven't signed him. #Royals are heavily involved also. #Indians too.about 3 hours ago from web


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