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Thread: Jordan is da best. America "just accepted it"

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    Jordan is da best. America "just accepted it"

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    I'm old enough to remember when Roy Marble was called "the next Jordan". Didn't even play the same position. Anyway, I long ago realized there will never be another basketball player as good as Jordan and when you count both offense and defense I doubt any athlete will ever be as good as MJ. I don't know how many Defensive Player of the Year awards he won but it wasn't enough and he should have been first team defense every year he was with the Bulls. Jordan really started the trend of superstars being good at defense, before Jordan people just thought it was normal that Bird would score 30 and his man would score 20 and Magic would score 20 and his man would score 15. Lack of defensive ability and effort was normal and then Jordan changed things. There will never be another player as good, Kobe can go suck it. And don't ever forget how bad those Bulls teams were without MJ. It was Scottie "migraine" Pippen and a bunch of guys who on their own couldn't keep the court in a rough neighborhood. No way Kobe is better.

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    Lol, only 27%? Even Bush got 30%.

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    4600 votes?

    Now that's a broad range of feedback.

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