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Thread: Would You Ever Gets A JETS Tattoo/Do u Have a JETS Tattoo?

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    [QUOTE=Banks81;4048974]Are you a criminal profiler? You hit the nail on the head. You have described every person I've ever known that has tattoos. It's like you're Karnak the Magnificent.[/QUOTE]

    No. He just ran out of Sanka this morning. He'll feel better once his grandson comes back from Rite-Aid with some for him...:D

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    [QUOTE=SAR I;4048126][IMG][/IMG]

    Yes. That's why God made t-shirts. So we could personalize our bodies without actually personalizing our bodies.


    The belly button looks like its been Fu$ked before!

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    [QUOTE=SAR I;4048995]Hey, I like it when my wife dresses as [I]White Trash Wendy[/I] on Halloween, but that's a once-a-year thing.


    Make that twice a year, guess we both like the same thing.
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