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Thread: yankees on now

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    yankees on now

    not making the official thread or anything. thats tylers job, but just letting everyone know the yanks are on now at 1 against the blue jays.. usually todays a 7 start

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    Yes! And the stream is working!

    It's a little laggy but it's working perfect but the only thing is...There is no VOLUME which makes it pretty boring.

    On a side note, I'm rooting for the Jays but either way...The Rays are going to benefit from this game as long as we win tonight

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    1-0 Yanks bottom 3rd on a Cano solo shot in the 2nd...

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    Lol @ Johnny Damon.

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    My bad guys. Considering this is a 4 game series, I'll do the thread after this game.

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    Looks like A-Rod is definitely back, this dude got his swing back. 14 HRs for the season now.

    4-2 Yankees. Mo needs to come in and shut the door now.

    Quality start by Burnett too, hes really been turning it on since his disaster of a start in Boston.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chica me Tipo View Post
    Lol @ Johnny Damon.
    haha, this must have been from when he fell on his ass...

    I would have been more pissed if it didn't make me laugh...

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    Well AJ is really responding to the pressure that was going on him, he has been on a tear.
    His ERA is down to 3.83 (lowest on the team now), and is 7-4 and leads the teams in SO with 99.

    The pressure is now on Sabathia, having a 3.85 ERA and being 7-5. He needs a strong 2nd half, like way better than his first half.

    If our starters can keep putting games like this we will make the postseason with our lineup.

    Last 4 games Burnett has a 0.99 ERA and 33 SO 12 BB, and is 3-1. Very impressive. Keep it up!
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