Firecats barred from af2 playoffs

As expected, the arenafootball2 league announced Monday that the Florida Firecats will not play in the playoffs.

The Firecats are the only team in the league that qualified on the field but will not participate. The initial release by the league did not say why the Firecats were ineligible.

An af2 source told The News-Press Saturday night that Florida would be barred from the playoffs because the franchise owes the league over $200,000 in dues.

Manchester has moved into Florida's American Conference No.7 seed and Albany went from being eliminated to being the No.8 seed.

The Peoria (Ill.) Journal Star reported that South Georgia and Manchester were also not in good standing with the league last Friday. Today's release stated that both teams are in the playoffs.

"This is obviously disappointing," Florida coach Kevin Bouis said. "I haven't really soaked it all in right now but this is disappointing especially for the players and coaching staff who worked hard all year."

As of 2 p.m., Bouis had not spoke with any of his players but assumed that they would be frustrated by the league's announcement.

The team will have its annual end of the year meeting Wednesday when exit interviews will be done.