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Thread: brick teaching keller how to block

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    brick teaching keller how to block

    In today's conference Ryan said brick is showing dustin how to be a better blocker and that he thinks Keller will be a good blocker in the future because he is athletic. He also said that our new te who he has no idea of his name is pretty and tall lol. I liked that he said the team is hungry to win and the funny part was him saying HE was hungry to, for FOOD of course. But it is nice that brick is showing keller how to block. team work.

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    Well. Somebody has to!

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    Hope its not run blocking..

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    good to see that every one on this team helps out their teammates. See it with cotchery helping out the other wr's. We have no selfish players on our team. Its awesome, i can feel something special in the air, now lets make it the superbowl dammit

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    [QUOTE=mcsully;3198040]Hope its not run blocking..[/QUOTE]

    LOL you know i was thinking the same thing, brick is not a good run blocker. Let woody teach that


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