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Thread: If you want to quit smoking, you might like Electronic Cigarettes

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    If you want to quit smoking, you might like Electronic Cigarettes

    I posted about this in teh hampur a few weeks ago, but I launched a new web site that sells electronic cigarettes. Also known as e-cigs and personal vaporizers, these battery powered devices turn liquid nicotine into vapor. Taking a drag of an e-cig is a lot like smoking a real cigarette, the main difference being the lack of tar, carbon monoxide, etc.

    I can't say you will definitely quit smoking, but they can definitely help. I haven't lit up since the Super Bowl and it hasn't been a rough road at all. Plus I can actually breathe again. Check us out at If you have any Q's about e-cigs at all, PM me or email me at

    Being a big Jet fan, our main coupon code is "JETS" for 10% off. Figured I'd try to convert some smokers into Jet fans in the process.

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    Need one of these for my GF

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    Every smoker should try to quit. The health benefits are tremendous. If anyone needs advice I can help.

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    If any non smokers are reading this for the love of god dont ever put a cig in your mouth.

    I'm a smoker and I actually feel the toll it takes on me, yet can't do a damn thing about it.

    Smoking blows.



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