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Thread: Let's go Jets!

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    Let's go Jets!

    Hello all. I've been a regular visitor to Jets Insider for a long time, and an avid reader of the forums - for entertainment AND valuable Jets information. I registered way back when and never really posted anything, but now that I feel like contributing to the fun, I'm here to introduce myself.

    The user name says it all -- it's a dirty job being a Mets and Jets fan, and its probably knocked a few years off my life span. I was born and raised in NJ, but I'm out in California now. That doesn't stop me from following my teams...and getting frustrated on a regular basis.

    That being said, I LOVE the Jets and I'm excited for this season, moreso than usual. I haven't been this high on a Jets HC since they hired Parcells, so I have high hopes for the Rex Ryan era. I'm also excited to see what Mark Sanchez can do -- I have to say I'd fall squarely into the "Start Sanchez!" pool of Jets fans, but that being said, let the best man win! Be it Clemens or Sanchez, I hope the man out there Game One has what it takes to live up to his billing and take us far.

    Let's go Jets!

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    JetsMets83 - Glad to see you signed up man. I'm also in California (Orange County)

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    ... i'm pumped too JM83 ... glad sanchez stepped up! ...



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