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Thread: US Mexico Official Game Thread

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    Well my fellow Jet friends.
    After that 5-0 in the glorious field of the medowlands anything could be expected.
    Yesterday was a great game. After the 1-0 it seemed like history repeating. How many games in the last 10 years Mexico has had control of the ball, the momentum, attacking and after one mistake USA goes up, scores and later the beat us by another goal. Tacticly USA plays as well as any grate team. Yesterday your stragety didn't work out. Mexico played better, they didn't loose their head, keep calm and deserved the win.
    I hope both teams make it to the WC.
    Good luck...
    Ay ay ayay, canta y no llores, por que cantando se alegran cielito lindo los corazones!!!!
    Before flaming him, remember, he's also a Jets fan

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    See above
    I like Vela, I like Blanco, but the rest of the Mexican team can kiss my rear. Biggest bunch of divers, complainers, and all-around poor sports in soccer.


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