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Thread: Starting a JI online league for Madden 10....

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    Starting a JI online league for Madden 10....

    .... For PS3.

    Full draft(otherwise we'd have 32 players who all want the Jets), trades, 10 season league(or as many as we all stay active).

    Just want to guage interest and get a head count on who's down before setting the league up to a specific # of teams, rules, league name and password.

    Random order Live draft will be set when all who wanted to join, actually get in.

    Please Mods, leave this thread here for a little while so it can get some hits, otherwise it'll get sent to the Hamper, wilter away and die.....
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    im a mass hole
    i might join, im in 2 other leagues already so idk .. if theres more information about the league let me know or let me know where it is and i'll check it out

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    does Madden still have that online lag on the ps3? havn't hopped online yet to try it out.. last year this really turned me off.. i'd rather pay for online play and get dedicated servers, a la xbox live..

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    Just bought a PS3 yesterday, and Madden 2010.

    I suck.

    And I haven't ever tried online gaming, but I could be interested in doing this.


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