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Thread: 12 Team Keeper league (3 keepers)

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    12 Team Keeper league (3 keepers)

    Let me preface this by saying that my keepers are
    Michael Turner, Roddy White, and DeSean Jackson
    I'm drafting 10th and hoping to take a top WR (Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, Steve Smith)

    There are a ton of kept RBs, leaving me with this crop of RBs available for my 2nd round pick (I believe that there are 9 #1 worthy RBs left in my draft, and I won't get a crack at any of them)

    *White, LenDale*(RB)*
    *Addai, Joseph*(RB)*
    *Jones, Thomas*(RB)*
    *Lynch, Marshawn*(RB)*
    *Johnson, Larry*(RB)*
    *Ward, Derrick*(RB)*

    or this crop of WRs

    WR: Colston
    WR: Housh
    WR: Owens

    Here are the top RB and WR keepers
    *Peterson, Adrian (Keeper)*(RB)*
    *Turner, Michael (Keeper)*(RB)*
    *Williams, DeAngelo (Keeper)*(RB)*
    *Johnson, Chris (Keeper)*(RB)*
    *Slaton, Steve (Keeper)*(RB)*
    *Thomas, Pierre (Keeper)*(RB)*
    *Smith, Kevin (Keeper)*(RB)*
    *Brown, Ronnie (Keeper)*(RB)*
    *Grant, Ryan (Keeper)*(RB)*

    *Johnson, Andre (Keeper)*(WR)*
    *Moss, Randy (Keeper)*(WR)*
    *Jennings, Greg (Keeper)*(WR)*
    *White, Roddy (Keeper)*(WR)*
    *Jackson, Vincent (Keeper)*(WR)*
    *Bowe, Dwayne (Keeper)*(WR)*
    *Welker, Wes (Keeper)*(WR)*

    Also, these are the 9 "good" RBs, IMO: *

    Jones-Drew, Maurice*(RB)*
    *Forte, Matt*(RB)*
    *Gore, Frank*(RB)*
    *Jackson, Steven*(RB)*
    *Westbrook, Brian*(RB)*
    *Barber, Marion*(RB)*
    *Tomlinson, LaDainian*(RB)*
    *Portis, Clinton*(RB)*
    *Jacobs, Brandon*(RB)*
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