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Thread: Who are your fantasy sleepers this year?

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    Who are your fantasy sleepers this year?

    QB: Matt Ryan. Has alot of weapons on that Atlanta offense and has looked this preseason like he's poised to take the next step.
    RB: Donald Brown, Ray Rice, Leon Washington I love both Brown and Rice as late round sleepers. They're getting drafted in the 10th round or later in the drafts I've been in. Rice could put up solid starter fantasy numbers, and I think Brown will the The Man at RB for Indy before long. Leon needs no explanation.
    WR: Percy Harvin/Sidney Rice, Vincent Jackson. Either of the first two players' numbers could benefit from the old carpetbagger, at least until his arm falls off again. Jackson, in my drafts, has been going awfully late (5th or later) for a WR who is Rivers' go-to guy.
    TE: Dustin Keller. Has potential to put Witten/Gates type numbers. No one outside of Jets fans knows about this guy yet. They will soon.
    TE: Visanthe Shiancoe. See Harvin and Rice.

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    A few guys to consider:

    WR Josh Morgan, 49ers: No Crabtree, aging Bruce and this guy has had a great preseason.

    RB Ahmad Bradshaw, Giants: I just don't know if Jacobs can stay healthy for the full season. Plus they will use Bradshaw even when Jacobs is healthy. And if Jacobs goes down then Ahmad may have a pretty big year just like Ward did last year.

    TE Zach Miller, Oakland: He could have as nice as a year as any TE not in the top 3 and can be had late.

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    My sleeper this year is WR Nate Washington.


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