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Thread: who to keep? Marshall or Whitten

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    who to keep? Marshall or Whitten

    I have to decide to keep one of these players, im in a keeper league and my team stinks... i had a dolphin fan draft for me last year, i should have

    anyway my rbs and qbs are not worth keeping....

    so i have to keep two players.....Colston is one.....

    and now i have to choose between Brandon Marshall or Jason Whitten..

    hate to keep a TE but he's the best in the game, and TE get a bit more points in yrds....and marshall is a nut case


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    Witten. While he may be a TE, hes the #1 TE and you will seemingly have an advantage every single weak at that position. Marshall doesn't do that for you.

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    Gonzo actually had the best fantasy season last year of any tight end. It'll be interesting to see what happens to Witten now that TO is gone. He could become more valuable because Tony Romo will have to throw to him more of he could decrease as a result of defenses focusing more on him now.

    If Gates is healthy he has more upside than both of them.

    Either way I'd keep Witten over Marshall. His team downgraded at HC and QB big-time this off-season plus if he ends up getting traded it will kill his fantasy value b/c he'll have to learn new plays.


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