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Thread: Syracuse football is back...well kinda :)

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    Syracuse football is back...well kinda :)

    Great day yesterday for Syracuse football! Even though they lost, they played with energy, passion, and intensity...all things that have not been seen here in years. Biggest crowd in the dome since 2000, and boy was it LOUD. Just a fantastic way to start the Marrone era, even without the W.

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    Paulus, except for his pick, played well enough. There were some crucial drops that may well have changed the outcome of the game (Williams and the TE, if memory serves). He hit some quick slants that for a guy not playing since H.S., I thought was impressive. Curious to see how he progresses. Dude needs to hit the weight room though-looks entirely too boney.

    The O's inability to sustain drives in the 2nd half had to have tired the D yesterday. There was some creative play calling in the 2nd quarter that worked well. One in particular looked straight out of N.O's playbook. Overloaded the left side with WR's/backs, bunch of crossing patterns, etc. Somebody else could probably give the correct terminology. Didn't see it again though.

    I'm with you though-nice to see exciting S.U. games again. The coaching staff seems to be doing everything they can with the talent they have. There's lots of work left to be done, but if the first game is any indicator, I like the direction of the program.


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