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Thread: Brian Urlacher Done For The Season

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    Brian Urlacher Done For The Season

    I wonder if that will hurt his chances to make the World Cup roster.

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    Bravo Woody. LOL

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    Won't affect his chances IMO - like any other linebacker he could make that roster with two broken legs and an amputated arm.

    I reckon he straps it up and goes for it - he is after all a hard man playing one of the manliest sports God ever invented, so how difficult will it be for him to play against the rest of the world in the World Cup? Not very. Plus there is the factor he will be representing his country, a country I might add that is the Greatest and Best one God ever created. Will be a cinch. And I'll wager he'll score plenty of kick-goals and be one of the finest defensemen at the Cup.

    Why do they call it the World Cup, anyway? Why aren't any of the Great states and cities in the United States of America represented at the tourney? Would be far more representative of the world if they included teams from Boston and Baltimore, from Arizona or Texas - actually they really should just have the tourney in the United States and run it yearly, and call it the 'World Series of Soccer' or something like that.

    BTW, Urlacher rulez.

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    LOL, great thread


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