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Thread: Observations: Bills vs. Pats

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    Observations: Bills vs. Pats

    Pats are looking talented but off balance. Brady looks "wierd". I hope it keeps up.

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    seem to be running a lot so far

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    Bills d-line is pushing them, wait till they get a load of Jenks :yes:

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    Their timing is definitely off. Brady looks rusty. Their D can be had.

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    Brady looks about like you would expect a guy coming off that injury to look, contrary to the expectations of delusional Patriots fans and media.

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    Not going to lie... i am actually laughing at the commentary. The pats go down the field, drop a few passes, don't convert a third and short, over throw the ball, then miss a fg and the announcer is like.."Pats look good...but come out with nothing" LOL!!!!!!!! Love it. Keep it up. Next week we will Play Like Jets

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    Brady looks alright. His timing with Welker is definitely off though.

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    Uh Oh Mayo hurt.:eek:

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    ruh roh....mayo down

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    O-M-G (no ghey)

    They both suck. I cannot believe how bad we are going to pound NE next week... I'm serious!

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    holy crap at wilfork running down jackson

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    Their D looks like complete ****. Wish we opened against them.

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    surprised bills moved this far without TO doing anything

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    [QUOTE=Chupa;3254303]holy crap at wilfork running down jackson[/QUOTE]

    lol he looks like he's about to pass out

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    Touch Doooooooooooown Buffalo:yes:

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    patsies D looks soft:D

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    The Pats D looks VERY beatable. Insane how no one in the national media has mentioned this as a major problem for them. Their offense was fine last year, but their D was very underwhelming and look to be even worse this year, especially up front with the loss of Seymour. This is a beatable team, 2007 was 2 years, a better defense, and 1 major Tom Brady surgery ago. I highly doubt the offense will be operating even close to that level, at least not for a few weeks if at all. All those guys had insane years. Hard to believe Brady throws 35 TD's this year, let alone 50.
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    so much for Buffalos offensive woes.. they just needed to play a weak defense. :P

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    vince wilfork looks overweight and out of shape.

    With him being fat and Mayo possibly being injured our run game could have a field day :)


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