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Thread: OT: Need Advice from Long Island Godparents!

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    [QUOTE=32green;3255500]Lol, I was just at a wedding where some West coast cousins gave a bottle of wine as a gift. They are still getting M'F'd by the brides family.

    Its sad, but thats the way it is.

    [B]Btw, will you be unnecessarily introducing "doot" into evey conversation?[/B]

    The baby angle affords you great latitude.[/QUOTE]

    Without question.

    2 things I have in common with my God daughter:

    1. Doots

    2. Number 2. :D
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    the reason why i suggested the gold cross, Zaius ,is because godparents are supposed to prepare the child for christian life.That probably is not followed to a T anymore.

    If you get her a cross try to get one that can be put a larger chain when she is older...she will be able to wear it and have something to remember you by.

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    Doc, Also a token of that day in history, a NY Times, It would be a nice keepsake on the count of they wont be around when she is old enough to read it.


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