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Thread: WR Depth

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    WR Depth

    I'm in a PPR league and would like to have more depth at the WR position. Currently my starters are Boldin, Ocho, H. Ward. On the bench, I have Josh Morgan and Nate Washington.

    I only get one pick up a week.

    Here are some of the recievers who are still available:

    Mark Clayton
    Mike Clayton
    Isaac Bruce
    Louis Murphy
    Nate Burleson
    Chansi Stuckey

    What are your thoughts on these guys? Any suggestions?

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    I'd say Mark Clayton. Ravens offense looks to be opened up more this year which has already benefited Clayton. If not him, I'd say Stuckey, since him and Sanchez really seem to have good chemistry carrying over from the preseason.

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    I might have to agree. Even in preseason, Flacco looked like a much improved QB. I think Mark Clayton is the top of my list. I think second might be Mike Clayton. Mike has struggled the last couple of years but his rookie season he posted 80 catches.

    With Crabtree out, Bruce looks interesting.

    Nate Burleson was targetted something 13 times but if branch ever comes back...

    I'm obviously really excited about the Jets but I've been a fan for too long. I'm still skeptical about this team and its recievers.

    Jamarcus looked lost. Louis Murphy didn't. He had something like 5 catches 80 something yards a touchdown and a touchdown called back.

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    Call me a homer but I say Stuckey.


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