No pu**y footing around, no excuses, I'm laying it on the line. I'm not afraid to say what a lot of Jet fans are thinking but don't have the guts to come out and say. We are a better team than the Patriots. The gap is more than closed, it's gone and we're ahead of the curve. The Pats are living off reputation, they're the emperor's new clothes. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, there's no substance there. They're Mike Tyson, the big bad bully who finally got punched in the mouth. THEY ARE GOING DOWN!!! The king is dead, long live the Rex!


QB - Big Advantage (for now) to Pats. However, he's not the Brady of old. He needs more time to set his feet properly to complete his throws. He won't have that time this week. Rex will not play the prevent against him like Buffalo did. Sanchez may not duplicate what he did vs Houston, but he'll make enough plays to keep the Pat D on it's heels. The key is not to turn the ball over.

WR - Big advantage Pats. However, this may be offset some what by our advantage in the secondary. We won't completely stop them, but we'll limit them and put a hurting on them. Cotchery always seems to play well against the Pats and Stuckey is for real. After pounding the ball all game, we may see a big play to the Clown. There's no comparison, talent wise, but will the Pat's receivers have time to get open?

RB - Big advantage Jets. Faulk is the only back there that even remotely scares me. Washington will have a big day. Miami's wildcat gave the Pats fits last year. Wait till they see the Seminole! Screens & draws will give the Pats headaches and then they'll get pounded by Jones.

OL - Advantage Jets. Jets will protect Sanchez and open the lanes for the running game. Pats are still very good, but the Jets are better. The keys are the Centers. Mangold will hold his own vs Wilfolk. Jenkins will crush Koppen and whatever guard they use to double team him.

TE - Advantage Jets. Pats have no one who can keep up with Keller. Watson blew his wad this week and Baker is nothing special.

DL - Advantage Jets. Jenkins > Wilfork and I'll take Ellis over Warren. Douglas is way underrated. Pats won't run on us. We'll run on the Pats. That will be the difference in the game.

LB - Big advantage Jets. Even with a healthy Mayo and no Pace, we're better. Now they have A. Thomas and who? Harris & Scott will put a hurting on Brady. We may not get many sacks, but we'll get pressure and most importantly, QB hits. Brady won't have all day to throw. He'll make his completions, but he's gonna take a pounding.

DB - Advantage Jets. Revis will limit Moss. Welker will get his catches across the middle, but he will pay dearly for them. I expect to see more safety blitzes this week, we'll have at least 1 sack from the safeties. Jets WR's may not be great, but who do the Pats have to stop them? Bodden, Springs, Meriweather, Sanders? I'm not impressed.

ST - Even. I think both teams are very good.

Summary - If the Bills game is any indication, the Pats are vulnerable - very vulnerable. It's dumb luck that they didn't lose their home opener. Yes they still have Brady & Belicheat, but they have no running game and their defense doesn't scare anyone any more. The Jets are coming and it will be more than the Pats can handle.

Screw Vegas - I'm calling it
Jets 31 - Pats 17