#21 Dwight Lowery...(AND Donald Strickland)

Laugh all you want an make the comments but Dwight Lowery (AND Donald Strickland) are the key to us playing strong and POSSIBLY winning come Sun against NE.

Moss will be matched up with Revis. We all know he can handle that look at last week. He will also be given deep help but overall i consider that taken care of.

Lito on Galloway I feel is a perfect but match-up, yes Joey still has SOME speed but overall they are similar players at close to the same points in there carriers and I feel Lito will give up some as we have seen but once again hold his own and this as well is something I am not worried about come Sunday.

Watson and the Pats TE will get theres but I feel there will be a Scott or Harris there once the catch is made and Leonhard/Rhodes whomever is not giving the deep support will also be there to contain them.

That brings me to my point, Strickland played a solid game against HOU and I was greatly surprised y his performance, but I feel Lowery will be given the nod to handle Welker. On Welkers best day this is an absolute mis-match but with the gimpy leg and the timing still being dev. with him and Brady, as evident on Mon Night i think it is a perfect opp. for Lowery to step up and have a breakout game. Now I am not predicting 2 and 3 picks but all I am saying is for us to be succesful against that short passing attack we HAVE GOT TO contain Wes Welker. Strickland will also be given these duties as I have said but Dwight Lowery needs to have a ballgame.

With Mayo out we have a much better chance to truly control the clock and tempo I think with the Pats D were they are currently at, our offense is in a spot were the can position us for a win, it will be on the "Band of Lunatics" to finish off the Pats and seal a Win.