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    Hey Everybody

    I've been lurking for quite a while and finally had to register so I could give props to Ham's "We will win - I guarantee it" post. I personally love the trash talking and confidence of our team, something that's been missing for too long! I thoroughly believe we have the talent all around to back it up, and that starts with the coach. I believe Rex is what this team's been missing for decades, and Mr. Sanchez certainly doesn't hurt either- if what we've seen is any indication of things to come. I live in Boston and have no access to Directv where I live so I must go bars so I can watch MOST of the games, but I'm always representing and talking trash... Lets hope our boys can back it up now. I sure as he!! think they can! NOW LETS KICK SOME @SS!!!

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    Welcome to the site man

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    ... so who you pullin' for tonight? mayweather or marquez? ...



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