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Thread: madden 10 xbox 360 league

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    madden 10 xbox 360 league

    We're looking for a couple of reliable owners to jump in and take over some post drafted franchise teams.. Some of these teams are 2-2 or 3-1.. YEs we have a couple of 1-3.. Its still early and we have a great league..

    Take for example the Chargers.. 3-1.. They are loaded with talent.. Boldin, Westbrook, Owens, Winslow, Rivers..

    Jump in and take over one of these teams..

    Are you wondering why these teams are open. Well we run a tight ship and run two games a week (sunday and Wed). You don't play, the game is simulated. But what happens when your opponent doesn't respond.. our 1st rule is always to give the active owner the right to play the game. Contact me 24hrs prior to match up and I will contact both parties. If I only recieve one response, the alternate GM is booted and you don't miss your game.> Thats how we run things..

    So if you are looking for a competitive league with no horsing around and dedicated Commish, come to PIGSKIN10..

    Name: Pigskin10
    Password: football
    5 minute quarters
    accelerated clock
    no cpu trades
    YES to injuries and trades

    Hope to see u soon

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    Available Teams

    Team /Record/ Franchise Players


    Ravens /2-2/ Favre, Steve Smith, M Lynch

    Browns /1-2-1/ R. Moss, Matt Schuab, Ad Thoma

    Jaguars /1-3/ Mason, Reed, Bullock

    Titans /1-3/ Calvin Johnson, Hasselbeck, Heap

    Chargers /3-1/ Boldin, Owens, River

    Broncos /2-1-1/ Tomilson, Welker, Palmer

    Raiders /2-2/ OchoCinco, R. Lewis, Joey Porter

    Vikings /3-1/ Patrick Willis, DRC, Justin Smith

    Panthers /1-2/ Andrea Johnson, Roethisburger, Br Edwards

    Falcons /0-3/ Chris Johnson, Vick,Desean Jackson

    Cardinals /2-1/ Peyton Manning Parker, John Abraham

    Seahawks /1-3 / Reggie Wayne, K. Warner, D. Ware

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    Send me da invite my tag Governmentkilla


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