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Thread: Chris Johnson or Felix Jones?

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    Chris Johnson or Felix Jones?

    Chris Johnson basically won my game last week single-handed. But I love this team too much, and sincerely think that we'll shut him down that it makes it a difficult choice. Felix Jones is the starter this week with Barber hurt. He's playing against Carolina. Who should i start?

    My other starting running-back is Fred Jackson who plays New Orleans this week

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    where did you draft Chris Johnson? where did you draft Felix Jones?

    I love the Jets too buddy but you gotta start your studs.

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    Choice will get half of cowboys carries, go with CJ

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    Very tough call. Chris Johnson is the hottest player in fantasy football right now (besides Brees) but his matchup with the Jets stinks. Jones doesn't have a great matchup either however plus he'll be sharing carries with Choice and possibly Barber.

    I'd stick with Johnson but it is a tough call.

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