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Thread: Can Someone Explain the NBA to Michael Kay?

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    Can Someone Explain the NBA to Michael Kay?

    If you thought Kay was debbie downer about the Jets and Sanchez ya shoulda heard him today bashing the Knicks. Saying "they tanked last season" and comparing last season to drinking cyanide. Why? They didn't make any big moves and traded away big contracts.

    As for Lebron he gives the Knicks zero chance at signing him and thinks that even if he did come here it would be all about ego and nothing to do with winning a championship because Cleveland is so damn good.

    Normally like Kay and credit his show for being better than Fatcessa's but the guy obviously knows zilch about any sport besides baseball. It would be nice if the Knicks had an unlimited budget and no salary cap like his precious Yankees.

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    He doesn't know much about baseball either except the Yankees.


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