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Thread: David Letterman has been plugging girls on (or with) his staff!

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    [QUOTE=bonkertons;3286936]Didn't have the time to read through 10 pages of this thread but I read the majority, so tell me if I'm wrong but am I the only person here who actually thinks Letterman's show is pretty damn funny?

    Look up the Lyle the Intern skits, they are brilliant.[/QUOTE]'re right. Lettermen is pretty damn funny. People here are still just frustrated about what happened 11 months ago...

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    [QUOTE=jetstream23;3286937]I'm 10 years in the club this month. Dated for about 7 years before that including 3 years in college. Never strayed. Never needed to. You find the right girl who is everything and who does everything you need and there's never a desire to look somewhere else. If she isn't that girl then you leave her, but you don't cheat. At least that's my philosophy. I'm a very lucky guy though. Not everyone finds the right girl for him.[/QUOTE]

    Very true. Well said.

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    See below....and don't even get me started on the traitors we embrace. I don't have enough fingers and toes to count them all but you could swing a stick near the US Capitol and probably hit 3 of them without trying hard.[/QUOTE]

    :rolleyes: back at ya...

    as soon as I hit submit I remembered that the majority around here convicted Jackson of child molestation even though a jury of his peers acquitted him. Twice.

    Besides... I think those people were embracing the music they considered the soundtrack of their lives and not him as a person. The 20 years before his death he was one of the most vilified men in history! No one was embracing him until he was dead...

    As far as the traitors I'm simply asking for the name of someone who the country has rallied around after being found guilty of treason. I'm not saying you're wrong I just can't think of a name.


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