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Thread: Texts From Last Night...

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    Texts From Last Night...

    [QUOTE]We need to rekindle our bromance[/QUOTE]

    [QUOTE]My jaw hurts. Such a slutty injury..[/QUOTE]

    [QUOTE]I tried to go shot for shot with some guy called "**** show martinez"[/QUOTE]


    [QUOTE]i took a field sobriety test yesterday. a crowd gathered, watched me pass it and applauded. then the cops arrested me because i took a bow and fell over.[/QUOTE]

    [QUOTE]Bought a water-proof vibrator. Rubber ducky is no longer the one that makes bathtime so much fun.[/QUOTE]

    [QUOTE]Now I have to picture Dave Letterman having sex with all these women. Im the real victim.[/QUOTE]

    [QUOTE]i just carried on a conversation with my mother from another room mid-ejaculation. you would have done the same [/QUOTE]

    [QUOTE]i want you now

    you need to stop dating girls with the same name as your mother...or stop drinking so much...I don't want to see this[/QUOTE]

    [QUOTE]happy early fathers day!!!

    im not a father

    about that... [/QUOTE]

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    Okay, I'll bite. Wtf?

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    [QUOTE=Peebag;3297365]Okay, I'll bite. Wtf?[/QUOTE]

    Its as if Steven Wright texted his routine to AGAW after cleansing it of funny.

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    [QUOTE=Peebag;3297365]Okay, I'll bite. Wtf?[/QUOTE]

    No bite, I was coming here for an explanation...

    Wtf was about my initial reaction...


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