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Thread: Jets vs Dolphins - September 1986

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    [QUOTE=townsell83;3299883]Hey guys, I hope you are all well. I have not posted in a long time, and haven't been around as much since I was laid off last November.

    That said, with Dolphins/Jets coming up this weekend, I thought it might be fun to revisit a classic. Jets vs Dolphins, September 1986.
    I was 13 years old in 1986, and to this day, I think this is one of the most exciting jets games ever played. enjoy:


    Hey man, GREAT post! Sorry about the layoff, hang in there. Persistence and positivity will pay off.

    I was 12 years old and this was one of the very first Jets games my Dad ever took me to. It's the game I credit with making me a lifelong diehard Jets fan!

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    Greatest game I ever attended.

    And amazingly stayed for the whole thing -- even after they came up empty on 4th down with 2 minutes left.


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    Thanks for this link. This and the MNF miracle win by Vinnie over the Phins, are my favorite all time Jets games.

    I'm going to watch it right now...thanks again:rockon:

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    This is going to sound sappy...but I got a little teared up watching that vid.

    Watching that brought me back to being a 10 year old kid...where I would sit in my room and watch the Jets game...lock my door...not be bothered by anyone while the game was on, and just root as hard as I could as if I had an impact on the game.

    Kenny O was my hero...remember what being a kid was like? No real stress?

    The ups and downs of that game felt so real watching it again.....Even hearing Enberg say....the fake the Hector...Obrien going for it all...for Walker...TOUCHDOWN!!!! OHHHH MYYYYYY!!! brings back memories of a time when life was so pure and you were just a kid.

    Sorry for the post...but it just brought back so much

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    [QUOTE=parkwayjet1;3299915]Thanks, Man - I was there that day, and seeing it again and again never gets old for me. Beautiful warm day and the action on the field was non-stop. Marino and O'Brien at their best, and Wesley Walker had his greatest day (IMO) as a Jet.

    I'll never forget the hordes of Jets "fans" leaving in droves late in the 4th after Marino had scored to put Mia. up 45-38. That left us with hundreds of pimply-faced teenagers in teal Marino jerseys, all starting to celebrate. :cool:[/QUOTE]

    I taped the game on my VCR (yes they had VCR's back then:rolleyes:) at the time only to realize that it was set for 3 1/2 hours and that it went off at the 2 minute warning. I remember telling mt buddies at the game. This was one of the greatest game I was at.


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