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Thread: Leon Washington..An Alarming Trend

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    That's all going to change this week.

    I'm telling you right now, I think the touches get divided up like this:

    Leon 5 rec/15 carries
    TJ 2 rec/12 carries
    Shonn 10 carries

    We are going to pound the ball, and beat Miami at their own game. Time of possession.

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    [QUOTE=Ven0m;3301005]The Jets have been saying all week that they need to get Leon more involved (If you've been paying attention), you're not saying anything they don't already know.....and for the record, receptions and kickoff returns tend to fluctuate wildly because receptions have to do with how well they're covering Leon out of the backfield, and # of kickoff returns are completely out of Leon's control. He had one down week in terms of carries last week, every other week he's had 12-15. This week should be no different.[/QUOTE]

    W/e Bro. Mostly it's that we have the WORST offensive mind in the history of the world coaching our offense. If daddy didn't hook him up with Manidiot, Schott would be trying to join guilds on Everquest instead.

    F*ck you and your lack of panic. If it was ME running this offense, Leon would get every touch. He'd have anywhere from 40-50 touches a game. At least half will go for TDs because my offensive genius makes fatigue, the other teams D, and the lack of spontaneity all non-factors.

    Do people even bother to try to realize how taxing doing kick returns (and punt returns though he doesn't do it anymore) is on a body? Why do you think Hester doesn't do it anymore? Or that Hall from the Chiefs disappeared so quickly? Just curious because it gets thrown to the side as if it's a completely non-factor. Returning kicks and punts is a career killer in this many even stay elite after maybe 3 years or so?
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    Leon is the best weapon we have and he doesnt get enough touches.

    Schott needs to go after this year if he doesnt get his head out of his ass


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