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Thread: Don't say "Super Bowl" on this board till week 19 - OK?

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    I guarantee this is the year we win the Superbowl. Take it to the bank.

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    [QUOTE=Schroy48;3301012]Will you stop trying to suck J73's *lck already Stokes!?!

    If I remember, the guy called you out for a beatin and you passed. Let it go. If you keep trying to suck the guys *lck, then, he'll keep lookin to beat that a$$ of urs (then again, nevermind, you'd probably enjoy it)

    [SIZE="7"][B]JETMAN73[/B][/SIZE] (I think Stokes just gushed!)[/QUOTE]

    Hahaha--getting called out on an internet message board by a big fat lazy demented slob and agreeing to meet is not my idea of smart posting.

    Look, we get it, you were Jetman73 whom most everyone here thought was a doosh, so you changed your name.

    But a tiger (or p*ssycat) can't change her stripes.

    But you keep stirring it up here for the JI faithful, you are doing the board SUCH a service.

    A legend in your own mind.


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    We're fans.....nothing we say, or do, has zero impact on the Jets whatsoever.

    Why can't we be excited? Why can't we expect big things from our team? Is there a chance they let us down? Sure. But there's also a chance that they don't.

    I think the big thing here is that Rex is trying to change the culture around the Jets, be it privately or get back to a mindset that we should be expecting to win these types of games we have ahead of us on Monday, not waiting for the clock to strike midnight on cinderella because of "Same Old Jets" has us used to that.

    So yeah, so what if I'm getting excited for once? This is the first year since 2004 or so where I feel like we have a real chance to make some noise.....assuming Mark can play more like the first 3 weeks then this past week, that is. Enjoy the ride. Sports are no fun if you're sitting there waiting for failure to happen.

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    [QUOTE=Gholstons Revenge;3300953]oh yeah. SUPERBOWL SUPERBOWL SUPERBOWL[/QUOTE]


    BTW, That is evidence you CAN post without insulting a fellow JET brother.

    Good Post!

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    [QUOTE=Pac2566;3301019]I guarantee this is the year we win the Superbowl. Take it to the bank.[/QUOTE]

    I tried, the bank was closed and the President flipped me the bird.

    What now??????

    If we DO win the SB, I want to see a picture of your son in FULL JET gear with a beer in his hand! Even he should celebrate!!!!:D


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