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Thread: Buck/McCarver

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYjets105 View Post
    The funny thing about these 2 is everybody thinks they hate "their team". While you guys are complaining about them being "Anti Yankee", alot of people see them as "Pro Yankee" or "anti(enter home team here). I can't stand them, but they definitley do not have a vendetta against the Yanks. They praise Derek Jeter as much as I've heard any athlete get praised by a bunch of announcers. They are VERY pro Cardinals however (Buck is their hometown announcer). FOX needs some new announcers, but then again FOX couldn't even manage a wet dream.
    Agreed I really don't find them that anti Yankee certainly not as bad as baseball tonight..but they suck.Buck is pompus,Mcarver just doesn't shut up,last night every time A.j had a 2 strike count Mcarver said Burnett would throw one pitch and Burnett threw something different

    Who would be a good national crew.I like Ron Darling a lot but Chip Carey sucks,and as big a Yankee fan as I am Sterling and waldman what ever her name is are horrible

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetPotato View Post
    I don't even care about whatever bias they may have against the Yankees.

    The pure facts, especialy with McCarver, are that he:
    - provides no real insight into the inner workings of a game
    - tries so desperately to come up with witty comments, only to have them come out sounding like nails on a chalkboard. Most are utter nonsense, and then he laughs at himself i.e. "Rollins started and stopped, but next time, I expect him to start and start"
    - Constantly wrong about pitches, game situations, even player names

    Hands down the worst announcer ever. In any sport.
    he said Melky doesn't have a very good arm


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