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Thread: instant replay...

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    instant replay...

    so Selig is not in favor of expanding replays

    but I think we all know that someday (probably sooner than later) it will be used more often during the game

    here's my pitch for instant replay, i'd like to see how bad of an idea it is

    so baseball is a game of 3's, 3 outs, 3 about 3 challenges from the manager (can't use more than 2 per inning and can only use them for outs,fair/foul calls or HRs)? No penalty for calls that managers are wrong about

    I figure the manager goes out to argue a few times a game anyway..checking the replay would probably take less time then the argument and you wouldn't lose the human element becasue the majority of the calls would still be made by umps. I'm even OK with just using it in the postseason for now

    so fellas...yay or nay?

    edit: if you have a better idea please share
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    As time goes on, technology evolves, it's time for MLB to catch up and allow for instant replay reviews on close plays at the plate, fair ball and foul ball calls, catch or no catch calls, essenatially everything but balls and strikes. The purists don't like it because that isn't how the game was done 100 years ago, but if they had that kind of technology available to them, lets be real, they would have done so as well. There's no reason for human error to be a part of the game when you can eliminate it.

    And just as much time is wasted with managers arguing with the umpires then it would take to do a quick review of the play, but at least by that way they're using every asset available to get the call right. Frankly this whole "Slow down the game" argument is complete bull**** and I'm tired of hearing it.


    With that said though, I think the MLB review process needs some refinement. There's no reason for umpires to have to go all the way into the dugout to review a call. They should either...

    A) Put an official elsewhere, either in one of the TV booths or in MLB Headquarters, somewhere where he has access to the replays instantly and he can just communicate with the on-field umpires via headset, similar to how the NHL does it.


    B) Put a replay booth on the field of play in foul territory, similar to how the NFL does it.

    I prefer choice A personally.

    I also think it sometimes takes too long for the officials to decide if they want to review a play or not, the managers should be able to induce a challange if they feel one is necessary, similar to the NFL.


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